Review: Earthlite Portable Massage Table Harmony DX

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Earthlite Portable Massage Table Harmony DX




Weight Capacity







  • The "Standard" in Massage Tables
  • Comes With Accessories
  • Lifetime "Limited" Warranty With Solid Earthlite Brand
  • Excellent Durability


  • Heavy Carrying Weight

I am very familiar with EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX.

Not because I have ever owned one, but because it is considered THE standard in massage tables and is therefore used in a lot of massage situations like spas and schools.

My school had a whole set of these and we set them up and took them down at least twice per day to learn techniques.

Additionally, I have done massage in a couple of spas and they were also present in those locations.

Just knowing that the Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table is used in environments with different owners and in constant use under professional circumstances should say a lot about its durability.

Today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of this table and who it might be best suited for.

Because the way you intend to do your massage table work makes a difference in whether this table is a smart choice for you.

Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table is THE “Standard” In Massage Tables

Here’s a great way to know if a massage table is good…

Find out from local spas and massage schools what tables they are using.

Why is that the case? 

Because you know that…

  • They have done their research. What more knowledgable source is there than a massage school or a spa? They need their stuff to last because they know it is going to be used on a daily basis by a lot of different people, many of whom are under time schedules that cause them to work fast and make fast adjustments on the table which could incur more ware.
  • They need the massage table to last a long time with people who may not care for the table as carefully as one would if they own the table themselves. Think about it… In a massage school people are opening and closing these tables every day, so the massage table needs to have mechanisms that can stand up to being constantly bombarded with use. This is including the opening and closing of the tables as well as the adjustment of the massage table height because each student is different in height and needs to adjust for that.  And the vinyl needs to be able to be sprayed down often – as many as 10 times per day or more.  
  • They need the massage tables to be reasonably priced while still fulfilling their needs.  A massage table less than $200 that is of questionable quality will probably break down really fast if used by a ton of massage students every day or spa workers.  So they need a high level of quality but they are also buying possibly 50 tables at one time, so that can really cut into the budget of a fledgling massage school and increase costs for the school or spa if the tables are constantly breaking down.

In every table massage situation in which I did not have to bring my own massage table, I found myself working on an Earthlite Harmony DX.

They are your “basic” massage table and quite a workhorse. They are easy to adjust in terms of height, which is important if you are a new massage therapist and not used to making fast adjustments related to the height of your client’s weight on the table, and if you are in a spa where you are expected to change the sheets and adjust for the next client in less than 15 minutes, you can adjust this table quickly once you get the hang of doing it fast.

Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table Comes with Accessories: Face Cradle and Carrying Case

In my previous massage table review about the New Wave II by Pisces Productions, I talked about how one had a number of options and upgrades to choose from. 

But a couple of the “upgrades” are not really upgrades… They are necessities most professional massage therapists need to have to do table massage.

One of those things is a face cradle.  YOU NEED A FACE CRADLE. You cannot work with the client pronate (face down) on the massage table without supporting the head in an aligned fashion. 

So, thankfully, the Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table includes a face cradle with the price. 

The other vital item that Earthlite includes with this table is a carrying case. It is a lovely carrying case with a generous front pocket and will even fit a half bolster if you can’t fit it inside the massage table when you pack up.

The case also protects the table when you are moving it to and from massage jobs or even when you need to store it.

Oof… This Is Heavy! Portability Challenged Massage Table

The irony of Earthlite including a carrying case for this massage table is that the Harmony DX is very, very heavy in terms of portability standards. 

At a whopping 34 pounds, it is possible that you will be exhausted long before the massage starts, just from carrying this table to your client’s house and setting it up.

Obviously, this does not make much difference to massage schools or spas, where the table is only being moved and opened across a room.

And personally, as someone who opened the Harmony DX on a daily basis in massage school several times per day, I can say that it was noticeably heavy even carrying it across a large room. We were all fine with it, but I wouldn’t want to walk a city block carrying this table or up a flight of stairs.

In spas, massage tables are frequently adjusted for height and sometimes moved around a few inches here and there while open based on the preferences of the massage therapist.

But overall they stay open and in one place.

So again, the weight is somewhat irrelevant in a spa setting.

The only time they are closed and put away in spas is when the spa is deep cleaned, and that is usually done by the cleaning staff, not the therapist.

In terms of portable massage therapy work, I have seen more male massage therapists choosing the Harmony DX for their private massage therapy practice since they were more willing to carry a heavier table for their outcall work.

And I also had a friend that worked out of a space she created in her home specifically for massage work.  She never did massage work outside of that space, so the weight of the table was irrelevant to her.

If that is the case with you, this is definitely the right able to choose.

But don’t forget that the 34-pound weight does not include additional items you carry in the carrying case to bring to a massage session such as sheets, lotions, and oils, spray cleanser to clean the table, bolsters, etc.

So if there is a chance that you may need to bring your massage table out a lot for work, you may want to try a lighter table like the New Wave II or a lighter Earthlite.

Quality And Durability

The Harmony DX Massage Table is durable. If it was not, it would not be used in massage schools and spas.  As mentioned before, it is the standard. 

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the warranty.

It covers the vinyl covering for three years, and the frame for 5 years.  That is a decent warranty for a table at this price.

On a personal note, I only remember one incident in massage school and one incident at a spa when a table leg height adjustment knob was not functioning for some reason, and that was prohibiting the ability to change the height of the table.

But two incidences thousands of experiences with these heavily used tables is not bad in my opinion.

I have heard some remarks about the case not lasting as long as expected, but I do not have any personal experience with that.

But in terms of the Harmony DX massage table, you won’t have problems that come with low-end massage tables such as creaking noises, splits in the vinyl, or wobbly frames.

This is a solid, high-quality massage table that will last if you treat it well.

Comfort of Client Experience

I have received many massages on Earthlite DX massage tables and for the most part, they are pretty comfortable. 

Again, when working on each other in massage school, we spend a lot of time receiving massage as well.

There are moments when my hip bones, which protrude a bit, can feel a bit of the hardness of the plywood below the padding, but overall, it is nothing that really irritates me.

I will note that the face cradle could be comfier.

My current massage therapist works on and Earthlite Harmony DX massage table and just last month I noted that pressure across my maxilla and zygomatic arch (cheekbones) was enough to make me unpleasantly distracted from experience, but this usually it doesn’t bother me.

I should also note that the face cradle included with this massage table is adjustable by angle of the head, but not the height of the head in relation to the body.

So if you have a client that is sensitive to that you may need to consider upgrading the face cradle to the deluxe version.

The deluxe face cradle will also give you a better face cushion.

And if the hardness of the table is really a problem, you can always add a massage table pad (this is the one I recommend and here is my review of it) or face cradle pad for extra comfort and cushiness. 🙂


To sum up, the Harmony DX Massage Table by Earthlite is a fantastic massage table that is reasonably priced, includes many of the accessories you will need as a professional massage therapist, and is extremely durable and will last a long time.

That being said, the most noticeable downside is the weight of the table, which is 34 pounds, without accessories, and that could be really hard on your own body if you have to carry it all the time, even with the included carrying case. 

So this table is best if you know you are going to be stationary most of the time, performing massage in one place such as a home workspace dedicated to massage or a permanent therapy space or office.

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