How To Give a Good Massage

Knowing how to give a good massage is a powerful gift that you can share with everyone you know.

Most massage therapists will agree that the best way to learn massage is to get a massage.

Many massages…

From professionals who know what they’re doing.

The next best choice is to study this page and its links which will give you the basics of how to give a massage. It will also reveal how to continue massaging for a long time without fatigue and how to feel great afterward!

Preparing to Massage

In my massage practice, I think a lot of my clients believe I just walk in for the appointment ready to give a massage. That is far from the truth.

There’s a lot of preparation involved! But it’s all worth it and it all adds to a magical massage experience. Good preparation helps the massage to be even more effective for the Receiver.

“Safety First!”
I’m sure you’ve heard that before and it’s true for massage, too!

Body Mechanics
The way the Giver moves his/her body is vital to maintaining massage stamina and preventing injuries.

Not everyone buys into the idea of energy work, but even if you don’t, please read through this page and consider these thoughts as you give a massage.
Plus, my dialogue on being a Jedi Master is not to be missed!

Clearing a space for a massage is more than just dimming the lights. An optmal massage experience involves all the senses, so one also should integrate music, aromatherapy, and other elements to enhance the experience. Also, before you begin the massage please read the specifics about giving a massage and receiving a massage.

During the Massage

Your focus will continue to be on how you move your body, but now you have new considerations.

Only your creativity limits you in terms of applying the stroke that would be most effective, pleasurable and healing to the Receiver.

The way the Giver covers and uncovers the Receiver with the sheet is a massage element few beginners consider but has a huge impact on the Receiver’s massage experience.

Personal Boundaries

I have also included a page about asserting clear personal boundaries for the safety and comfort of both the Giver and the Receiver. This element is rarely discussed, but is vital to know when learning how to give a massage.

Read this page to learn how!


While it is true that learning how to give a good massage takes a bit of time and practice, if you follow the tips above you will be miles ahead of the learning curve and will know how to make everything go smoothly and increase everyone’s health and relaxation for the better.

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