7 Fantastic Home Spa Day Plans

Below you will find some of my favorite ideas and plans for a spa day at home.

Almost everyone on the planet has home for almost a year now due to the pandemic and I know that I have been feeling the need for some pampering.

If you are reluctant to go to a spa right now (or if they are closed in your area) you can create a spa day at home (or just do one of the techniques in these lists) if you are short on time or space.

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#1 Full Day of Self-Care with This Home Spa Plan

source: productive journey

This home spa day plan offers a full day of activities and how to set the atmosphere. They even give you a printable that you can bring into your “spa” and simple recipes for hair and skin.

Click here for Productive Journey’s How to Set Up a Spa Day at Home When You’re Stressed (DIY Spa Ideas)

#2 Enjoy a Full Week of Home Spa Days

beautiful hands and nails with flowers
Source: not a power couple

If you don’t have a full day to nurture your body, you can fit one treatment in, daily, for a week with this home spa plan. I love that this self-care plan is easy to fit into the schedule and a daily practice for a week might have a greater effect than a single day.

Click here for Not A Power Couple’s How To Have 7 Easy Stuck-at-Home Spa Days

#3 Self-Care With A 12-Step Home Spa Experience

Source: Living With Tessa

I love that this home spa day guide puts so much emphasis on creating the right atmosphere for your spa experience, as well as prepping snacks (think proper spa snacks) that are compatible with a self-care day so that you don’t have to think about making lunch while you are in relaxation mode.

Click here for Living With Tessa’s 12 Steps To a Completely Blissful At-Home Spa Day

#4 Easy 5-Step Home Spa Day

woman in bath tub enjoying a spa day with a glass of wine near an open window
Photo by Roberto Nickson

If 12-Steps is too much prep for your home spa day (or night), you can use this guide, which only has 5 steps. This plan starts the post with a list of what you need before you get started. It is really clearly presented.

Click here for Scattered Squirrel’s 5 Simple Steps for an At Home Spa Night

#5 List of Stuff For Spa Day Offers Great Ideas

Source: worth writing for

I like this home spa plan because of its simplicity but I do not like that there is so much to buy. I use this site as a guide and then make my own spa treatments out of household materials and foods I already have around the house.

Click here for Worth Writing For’s How to Have an At Home Spa Day

#6 A Home Spa Day Plan With Homemade Spa Treatments

Woman in bath with candles next to tub
Source: dontpayfull

This list of home spa treatments is a simple framework that also offers the homemade spa treatment recipes you can create with foods and materials you probably already have in your home, like honey, oatmeal, yogurt. etc…

Click here for DontPayFull’s Best DIY Home Spa Tips

#7 Full Relaxation – Home Spa Sequence

tools, towels and soaps for a relaxing home spa day
source: Fiesta life media

My favorite part of this plan is the last part of the post because the plan is presented in a way that one could fit all or part of it into one’s normal bath or shower routine with just a little bit of extra time.

Click here to read Fiesta Life Media’s How To Have The Most Relaxing Home Spa Day


I hope that you found some inspiring ideas for your own home spa day, and that you give yourself a block of time to take care of yourself and honor your mind, body and spirit with one or some of these techniques.

I would love it if you would share this post with your family and friends! It really helps me to continue to provide valuable content and it will help them to consider some self-nurturing activities, as well.

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